Low and Slow airs on Knowledge Network


Low and Slow, my 26 minute documentary about British Columbia’s float plane pilots, aired on Knowledge Network throughout the last week of August 2017. The video can still be seen in Canada on the Knowledge Network website. Everyone else can view it for free on Vimeo.

for those who are interested in its making, an article on the production of Low and Slow and its methodological value is available on the journal Mobilities. The same journal has also published a co-authored piece on super-commuting, which includes an analysis of float plane commuting.

Could the Salish Sea become Canada’s next World Heritage site?

“You know, Laurie, you could have lobbied for the inscription of maybe justthe Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and this whole initiative could have been a whole lot easier.”

“I know,” Laurie Gourlay replies with a smirk, “but I do enjoy a challenge.”

And a mighty challenge it is. Far beyond the boundaries of the existing park reserve, a new proposed World Heritage Site in British Columbia — stretching from the U.S. border to Desolation Sound — would knot together industrial harbours and fishing outposts, 37 First Nations’ traditional land and swanky beach resorts, and a massive marine and terrestrial meshwork of species, ecosystems, communities and interest groups.

“Put it this way: would you deny it has outstanding universal value?” Gourlay asks us in a self-assured tone. April and I glance at each other, wordlessly.

READ the rest of this article, co-authored with April Vannini and published on April 17 2017 in the Tyee.