This page contains a directory of my previous and ongoing projects in chronological order (from the newest and completely in progress to the oldest and so-done-with). You can find out more about each of them by clicking on the links below.

Doing Public Ethnography cover

Doing Public Ethnography. If you have ever found the traditional media of academic dissemination to be limiting, this book is for you. On the basis of my reflections, experiments, failures, and relative successes over the years I’ve collected a few “how-to” pieces of writing focused on how to create and disseminate qualitative research intended for audiences much broader than the usual academic ones.


A time for making. Makers. Their craft, their skills, their lifestyles, and the Gulf Islands they call home. Making something here isn’t about churning out goods. It’s about taking time to make a place special.  This project is so much in progress that it doesn’t even have a website yet. Stay tuned to my blog to find out whatever happens.


In the name of wild. A five-year long search for the meanings of wild nature across twenty-four UNESCO World Heritage sites located in thirteen countries and six continents. Two books, an interactive documentary, and a film slated to be ready by March 31 2021 (mid-to-late-afternoon). Follow the journey on Facebook.


Low and Slow. A 26 minute documentary film exploring the work of BC’s Floatplane pilots. It was broadcast on Knowledge Network in August 2017. It can now be seen in its entirety on Vimeo.


Wilderness. A classroom-friendly book meant to put you in the mood to run out of the classroom with your hiking boots and backpack on.


Life off grid. A book and documentary film documenting the ways of life of Canadians living off the grid. Venture out to the project’s website to learn more.


Books, books, and books. I like to read. Hopefully you do too.


Public ethnography. What do you get when you combine cultural imagination, ethnography, media, and the arts? Heaps of cool projects by friends, students, and peers.


Ferry Tales. Four years of fieldwork to examine the many roles played by ferry boats in the culture and geography of British Columbia’s coast. A book, a handful of audio docs, and tons more.